Leverage the Benefits of PA66 in More Ways Than Ever Before

Mobius™ technologies from INVISTA unlock new possibilities with PA66 in automotive, industrial, E&E and more.

Mobius™ PA66-based technologies from INVISTA are part of a new portfolio of highly engineered materials formulated for D-LFT compression molding, blow molding and various extrusion processes.

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D-LFT and EVs

In compression-molded, large-form-factor automotive parts like battery enclosures, Mobius™ materials allow for high glass fiber content (up to 60% glass fiber by weight) and offer excellent mechanical properties for metal replacement applications.


Extrusion and Pipe

In extruded pipe used in the oil and gas and mining industries, Mobius™ polymers deliver impact strength, chemical and abrasion resistance, and a wide temperature window that could make it suitable for pipe lining or single-walled pipe.

Improved PA66 Processability

Designed specifically to enable blow molding, D-LFT compression molding and extrusion with PA66, Mobius™ polymers have a wide processing window. In most cases, Mobius materials can be processed on existing equipment without retooling, offering more flexibility and lower complexity than metal for designers, engineers and molders.

Achieve Strength & Durability

Mobius™ polymers make large, thin-walled parts possible with excellent mechanical properties so you can replace metal components, while offering lighter weight with resistance to a wide range of chemical elements, temperatures, pressures and permeation.

Designed for High-Heat Applications

PA66 has a high operating temperature, offering enhanced heat resistance in molded parts for industrial and automotive applications. Mobius™ technologies can efficiently achieve a V-0 rating while maintaining excellent mechanical properties.

Long-Term Availability

We’re investing in our ADN and polymer production capabilities at facilities across the globe, including adding another 200,000 tons of polymer capacity by 2024. These expansions will allow us to more quickly respond to the growing demand for engineering plastics in automotive, electrical and electronics, and other application fields.

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